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Phil... you are a disgrace to the human race... Every Christian in Fredricksburg should get together and demand the evil man be forced to leave your town... God has two strong angels who will usher him to the brink of hell and give him his reward for eternity. Dean Rumbaugh

Your column today was another goosebumps and tearing eyes experience. I, too, want to be remembered as you remember Aunt Rose.

Loved your article in this week's paper. Aunt Rose woulda been proud.

Really enjoyed your article on the bull rider – also, liked the ones on the cave that ran previously. Keep up the good work – always a fun/interesting read! Annette Bennett

Thanks Phil, I read the article yesterday, I was in town passing out posters. Several people complimented me on the article. You are a natural, very gifted in making writings come to life.  Thanks again. Clifton Fifer, Jr.

I was just reading the local paper and found your article - it's always the best thing in the paper. It is a beautiful, poignant story about your dad. It had love all over it. If you need an extra I have one - I intend to keep that one in my treasures.

I keep your book in my bathroom. Each article is just the right length. Harley

Phil, thank you again for all your help on the press release. We can't thank you enough for your support of Living Well College and all the students. Sincerely, Kim Easley

Shame on you, Phil. Shame on you! Margaret Williams

You are a poor writer and often self-promoting - Response on a reader survey

"It seems you get away with writing what most people are really thinking but are afraid to actually give voice to..." My brother Mark

And this book is so cute
Gives me goosebumps sometimes
Love like that is so rare - B. Quiroz

hi phil!...congrats on your new book... i really cannot wait to read it, because you are a great writer...

hi phil...i am loving your book...it is truly fantastic with great stories and i cannot put it down...you are a fabulous writer and i admire your talent and wish that i was in your league... cousin nancy
p.s. i've read more today and seriously your book is so great!

to infinity and beyond
love this
Seth Godin, Blogger

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your article this week on the rocket program.  You were exactly on point about the need to be able to fail. 
Thanks..............randy thompson  

Pay your phont bill! Tried phoning you but the number I found in an old book had been disconnected. I just wanted to thank you again for the great article you wrote and then, a few days ago, someone mentioned seeing another article in the Fredricksburg paper. I just wanted to remind you that if I don't get my share of copies then there's no more GREAT coffee for you. But you knew that. Good wishes Lee Stath P.S. Your talented is being wasted here

"I love the way you approached this topic. It held my attention throughout and made me wonder how the article was going to end." E.S.

Your haiku made me laugh - not many things in newspapers do - keep writing rhyming drumming smiling.....randy Thompson

"Thanks so much for the great article in KDT! I just saw it and was just humbled, once again, that you would take that on. It was stellar and I know it will help a lot." Ray Rodgers (Rockbox Theater)

hi phil...we love the article that you wrote for Kinky Friedman's rescue ranch...thank you, so very much...i wanted to let you know that we have put you on our guest list plus 1 and i hope i get to see you at the concert...on the day of the concert... cousin nancy

Hey, Phil thanks for the great article. You hit the nail on the head Ha Ha. I appreciate representing me in a great article. It should be on Associated press. We are going to send it to S.A. and Austin papers to see if we can generate more regional interest. Thanks again Phil. Drop by Gallery again so we can party till the sun comes up, Dan Pfeiffer “a guy who makes stuff”

"Phil, I received your new book, An Interrupted Conversation, yesterday. You should be so very proud of this. I hope everyone will order this book. In this complicated world we live in, how inspiring to see how simple words of wisdom can make things seem a little less complicated. Bless you, friend, for this piece of work."

160,000 listeners now think you are a rock star - Kellie, KSTX Public Radio

I want you to know that I read every single word you write. No matter what. I think I know you well enough to trust that you will not be offended if I divulge that I am not always interested in the same topics that you are. Nonetheless, I always want to read every word you pen because your style is always interesting and entertaining, even if the content is not. So, have I made your day or blown it???

You are a very good journalist. Don't ever stop writing. Where's that first novel? Every journalist has one, right? Want to read it, it will be VERY READABLE.

I have tears in eyes after reading your column. I don’t know if it’s timing, or if I’m just getting older, but I find that I take more time to reflect on friends and days gone by. I appreciate your humor and your views on life, ie, the characters that make our days better and interesting. You, Mr. Phillipe, are a true character and I am grateful for your guidance in life in general. Thank you for sharing. Carol Reeh

"Your column on Bikinis, Texas, was the catalyst for us getting national coverage on Anderson Cooper 360." Doug Guller, CEO & Founder of Bikinis Restaurants

Just read your “Finding Inspiration”  column and, as usual, l loved it!  I really do enjoy hearing your thoughts on paper – you’re even deeper that I gave you credit for!! Anonymous

Wow - I enjoyed that Phil. thanks. You really are a talented writer!  Makes me proud, brother! My Sister

What a delightful article! Thank you so much for featuring Kelsey in your column on such short notice! I loved how it was so personal. You are very gifted as a writer and communicated so well with humor, facts, and interest! Monda & Drew

What's amazing is that you really revealed a lot about Cam that lots of us didn't know. I really am enjoying discovering your archive of other really worthwhile and enlightening interviews. Thanks for the good works, keep it up! Jay Brousseaux, Photographer & friend of Cam King

Absolutely love it! January 2nd is my new Christmas. Robin Gunshows (#9mm)

TERRIFIC PHIL! I LOVED IT...you are such a great writer! - Donna Lynn Fikes Vaughan

sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!! - Dennis Griffith

Thank you for the wonderful article!!!! Glad you enjoyed the production! - Julie Nathan Voorhees

Amazing! - Amber Royea

What an awesome writer!  I was totally flattered, flabbergasted and very honored.  Thank you for taking the time to do the piece and doing it so well. - Gary Trumet

The article about Ben B. in the Fredericksburg
Standard was great!  Thank you so much.- Melinda Padgett

Thanks for the awesome article, we have been slammed since it came out! - Mike Tangman, Alamo Springs Cafe

Phil, your article last week on Josh was awesome! Josh was so happy and says that you are insightful.

OK WOW! What a great article I read in The Standard yest. about our little town out here. Yours topped them all. Thank you so much. - R. Cave

I finally got my hands on a copy of the F'brg Standard and read the article.  What a great "introduction" of our series to the F'brg communitry....THANK YOU! - Paul Reynolds

injoyed the artickle. you write's good! - A distant relative

Wow you did a fantastic job and I am so flattered that you have done this for me. Thank you so much for this wonderful article. Bill Badeaux

Thank you Phil this is an amazing article! Pink Tink, Kerr County Roller Derby

Just got around to looking at the paper this morning. What a great article. You wrote it in such a way as to tell the technical side while promoting the philosophy of FTC in community relations. Well done. I appreciate it so much. Jeryl Hoover

This is the place where it all started for me...@Pat's Hall!!! I grew up across the street and used to put on my roller skates and blaze around the live oak tree. Had my first crush, sweet sixteen and saw George Strait there the year I performed with the band Crystal Peak on stage for the first time singing Stevie Nicks and Pat Benatars "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" JD Rose was the drummer , my first co-writer and DJ at KFAN rockin the Texas Hillcountry. The place is like an old friend...It just reopened and is a magical. Check it out and head that way one night..hope to see ya there! Stephanie Urbina Jones

Excellent article about Cowboy Doug.  Well done. Keep up the good work. Graham Pearson

I really enjoyed and appreciated the nice article you wrote about Doug Davis recently. Doug and I met in 1970 back in Charlottesville, Virginia. We were both barely 20 and we've stayed in touch along with other close friends over the years. He taught me most of what I know about playing guitar as well as other tidbits that have served me well in life. Thanks again for writing such a nice tribute to Doug. David Gunckel

Thanks for the kind words. Ernie Durawa

"What makes a grown man cry?" is priceless! That HAS to go into your forthcoming book of Full House excerpts.

You are so clever with words and such an imaginative writer! I could never write like that. Kent Rylander

Phil is, in my opinion, one of the best bloggers out there. (And I cringe at most blogs). Mary Silver

Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your article this week. I lost a dear old friend earlier this year... a man my father’s age. Over the past 20 years, we chatted off and on... we started talking on the phone every single day. I knew all his war stories (backward and forward!). He was an avid reader and we shared books constantly. A few months ago, we had a brief but sweet conversation... the next day  I received a call that he had died... heart attack while shopping. It hit me hard. 
Someone in my family asked me, “Why do Christians cry when they know the person is in a better place?”
“Because we MISS THEM!!!”  I shouted through my tears.
So, as I sat in my backyard the other evening,  reading your article that Bruce had set aside especially so I wouldn’t miss it…..I cried for him again! 
I miss him a lot.
By the way, his name was Phil!
PS I’d love to hear Dicks “pithy” sayings!

What a cool article! It's a great feeling to see yourself in print, and I can't thank you enough! Cheryl Kaderli

This is just great - Allen Abrams, Luminario Ballet

Is there a personal rider that says, "I will not write about you unless you're a twin, BLONDE, young, have sexy legs, and show some cleavage?" - Another fan

Thanks for the great article on the Guidonian Hand. We appreciate the coverage very much. I hope to see you at the concert. - Mark Eckhardt, President, Fredericksburg Music Club

Really enjoyed your articles. Thanks for showcasing the boys and the twins. James Grote

Great Phil...thanks so much for the write-up!! Amy Rankin

Wow, I could not have said it any better! THANK YOU!!! Many thanks for thinking that my show is "news worthy." I hope when you see it, you will agree! Hope to see you there! gratefully, Melissa Starry

Thanks, Phil. This is a great article. Great job. You made it so fun being with you and all the people there. Thanks again for your attention and fun. Best wishes, Ray The Turkey Baster

I've been reading the articles you posted on Facebook - they are GREAT!!! I can tell I'm going to be hitting your Full House web site often when I need to "take a short vacation" from life - one of these days (which are QUICKLY passing) I hope to have some connection to music as a bigger part of my life than it is right now. Until then, I will read your articles and dream!! Doug Miller

The polka band will never forget the wonderful time we spent in Texas in 2008! And i still keep the newspaper article you wrote when we were in Fredericksburg! Uli Krack


Wow..great Story and great writing.... Thanks so much and yes we need to write a book.... Rick Phipps, The Rose Radio

Congrats on a well-written article about Cass. He really is a musician's musician. Most attendees of the RockBox completely miss the importance of his contribution to the high quality of the show. When I first went to a RockBox performance, I was tempted to go home and list all my keyboard gear on eBay. Cass could easily be egotistical about his superior keyboard playing skills but when you get to know him, there's no sign of that. A consummate backup musician and a well-rounded professional.Congrats again - Graham Pearson

Thank you so much for the article.  You did a great job. I've had several people tell me that they really liked it. I appreciate your time in doing this. Kathy Bauer

Wow what a fantastic job!!! You are truly gifted with the written word. Again I'd like to thank you for everything you did to make the event even more special! And I certainly appreciate all the kind words you put in there about me... I didn't expect that, but I do appreciate it. Bill Badeaux

You're good Phil. How you got all that from our short time I don't know. Thanks! Richy Rhyne

It's awesome, Phil. Thanks, you da man!!!
Rick Star

Thanks for a great article. Well done!  I hope to see you at Guenther's some Friday. Barry Whitfill

Great, Great  article. Thank you. Mike P.

Just wanted to compliment you on the article you did for us....it's great ! We got a great welcome and response our first weekend and look forward to many more at the Rock Box. Again thanks and hope to see ya down the trail... Wes English

Thank you so much for the write-up. It really means a lot to me. Thank you, thank you - Walt Perryman

AMAZING article!!!! Thanks so much for doing this!! Photo even turned out great!! :) - Ellen Fowler, The 808 Club

damm your good make a silk purse out of a sows ear! thanks for the great article and thanks for promoting the Museum hope to see you this saturday thanks again bobby joe

Thank you so much for the wonderful article. We love it! - Chad Matthews, Hill Country Film Festival

My daughter said, "Mom, that guy really knows you." Great job. Thanks so much. - Maggie Montgomery

Thank you for such great articles. We appreciate how you got such a great feel of who we really are! - Lauren & Wheeler Hughes

You did a BEAUTIFUL job Phil and i'm so grateful.  Been needing some inspiration lately ... this whole thing was a great process for me.
Take care and keep dancing and writing and acting and coordinating and doing all the good works you do. D.G.R.

Loved the Philvis bit. You are a scream. Stay young at heart. - Harley, Rose Radio 99.9

You are not only an excellent journalist-writer, but a marvelous photographer, as well!!! - Houston Allred

I've been perusing your website. Man you can write! - Jim Caughlan, Pure Prairie League

Phil, thank you so much for recognizing Ambleside, Mrs. Laurie Jenscke, Ms. Embach and our wonderful kids. It was such a positive review. Appreciate your time and consideration for advertising this inspirational program. Thanks you so much- Debra Habecker (Katie Habecker's mom; Ambleside student and future violinist)

Phil - Thanks for the great articles. They are very well written. John and I are both so pleased. LOVE IS GRAND! - Alice & John Ike Walton

Now we can say we've worked with Olivier, Noel Coward, and Phil Houseal! - Tani & Dran

Hi Phil, Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your article this week. I was at the twins' "performance" & this just helped me relive that great experience. You really captured their spirit & energy. Also - I loved your picture - should be one of their favorites!! Beverly

It's fantastic!! Thank you so so much, I love this- we'll post it on our site too. Hope to see you next Friday! - Autumn Boukadakis

The article is great! I love it. Thanks so much for taking the time and for being so kind. We really appreciate it. - Sam Houston

Thank you SO much for the awesome story and picture you did for the newspaper this week re: the Aggie Wranglers! We appreciate your work. - Kay Steinbring

THANK YOU so much for a wonderful article, it was great!


Phil.... got me blubbering and I can't stop.. It's beautiful. -Vickie Phillips

Phil, I could barely finish your article on the Phillips Sisters, because I couldn't see past my tears. What a beautiful story. I love you, Val

Gracias Phil, You're a talented journalist. I appreciate your accuracy and
professionalism. --John Arthur Martinez

Phil, It was great to meet you and THANK YOU so much for the kind words + article.
We loved our visit + look forward to MANY MANY more visits. (and some more
shows) Slan anois mo chara, (bye for now my friend)--Patrick Devlin - Blaggards

Great article and I really appreciate your time and the ink. If we can do anything for you here in Twangtown, let us know, thank you again!! --CC and the crew

We love the article! Thanks so much, Phil! We hope we'll see you at the Auslander or at a gig soon! --Kathy and Tommy (Byrd & Street)

GREAT article, Phil!!! THANK YOU, SO MUCH!!! -- Bob & Penny Villa

We love the article!!!!!! Thank you so much. You are the best.--Michelle Williams, The Ranch Radio

Thank you for the article you wrote about
the Turner Hall and the bowling league
. It was a wonderful piece. -- Sean X. Heep

You call yourself a writer? Yeah... like I can sing. -- Rex, Mediocre Musician


Rex's Music notesrex

Does Rex have any copies of the Fbg. Phone Book Polka left? I heard it years ago, thought it was the funniest thing ever. I'd give them to some really special people for Christmas if there were any to be had. Yes! Link for free mp3 download.


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Pedal Pushers 7/6/2016
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Interrupted Conversation
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100 Bits of Advice from a Dear Friend

(A True Story)


The Music of the Hill Country

by Phil Houseal
(From inaugural Full House column, August, 2005, Fredericksburg TX Standard - Radio Post)


That sound you hear is the music of the Hill Country.

This is a column about that music.

My goal is to bend an ear toward the incredible wealth of live music we have access to almost every day of the week, every week of the year.

(On any given weekend, there are about two dozen choices for live entertainment, plus the special events that seem to arrive every weekend.)

I plan to share stories of the people who write the music; the people who play the music; and the businesses and organizations that provide a stage for musicians.

There will be stories of famous, successful musicians, and the seasoned professionals playing the club circuit. There will also be stories about the guy singing over the Friday night buffet; the young dreamer writing songs in his bedroom; the retired rancher who picks up his fiddle again. I want to feature the pit musician as well as the conductor of the choir.

All together their voices make the music that is becoming known as the Hill Country sound.

Along the way I hope - with your help - to define “Hill Country music.”

My only guide is that I am going to write about what I find of interest. That should not be limiting, as I find most everything in life interesting. The challenge and hope is to make readers share that interest.

To start things off, you will find a weekly listing of community events and live music on this page. Every week you can turn here to see what is happening and who is playing, when, what, and where.

I hope it will encourage you to venture forth and add your voice to the music of the Hill Country.