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Archive 2009

Heidi Eubanks 6/3/2009
“In California, there is a blonde girl with green eyes from Texas singing on every single corner, trying to get noticed.” So blonde-haired, green-eyed Texan Heidi Eubanks decided to return to Fredericksburg and work on her songwriting career right here in the Hill Country. California’s loss; local music fans’ gain.

Improv on Main 5/27/2009
All bands must start somewhere, and for high school students Keller Fornes and Michael Martin, playing in an alley in Fredericksburg is as good a place as any.

The essence of "hip" 5/20/2009
Writing about music, the arts, and entertainment, I have learned something: I am not, nor ever will be, hip.

The secret of tango 5/13/2009
My adult tap dance class had just run through our final dress rehearsal, and something wasn’t working on the tango number. Driving away from the high school auditorium, I passed by the Argentine Restaurant and on a whim decided to stop in for dinner. Not only did I enjoy a great meal, I discovered the secret of the tango.

Water to Wine 5/6/2009
Every time I tried to interview Mike and Kathy Clay about their business - Water 2 Wine Custom Winery - customers kept interrupting to tell me how wonderful the place was.

Rockbox Theater: Behind the curtain 4/29/2009
The old saying is you don't want to watch how they make laws or sausage. But I was curious how the crew at the Rockbox Theater comes up with a new show each and every week year round.

Be a Poet 4/22/2009
April is poetry month. That may have escaped the notice of those of us whose idea of a good poem starts out "There once was a man from Nantucket..."

Ambleside Strings 4/15/2009
There are some new string slingers in town. Last fall, Ambleside School started its own string orchestra program.

Canciones at the Cantina 4/8/2009
Porfirio "Porfi" Cantu manages the Cantina - the newest club in the county - when his patrons let him. Usually they are pushing him up on stage to play.

Farm Fresh Music 4/1/2009
How about some farm fresh music to go with that organic kale and fresh-squeezed juice?

I Shot Willie Nelson - Part 2 3/25/2009
Last week I wrote about my stint as an extra in the movie Barbarosa, filmed around Fredericksburg in 1980 and starring Willie Nelson and Gary Busey. On what was to be my last day on the set, the film crew hired me as a stand-in for actor Danny De La Paz. Now, the rest of the story...

I Shot Willie Nelson - Part 1 3/18/2009
I was perched on the low limb of a live oak tree. The sun was beginning to set behind me, casting long shadows over the sparse hill country brush. There was no sound, except for the cautious approach of footsteps on dry grass. A cedar limb moved slightly. Out stepped Willie Nelson.
Barbarosa, I hissed between my clenched teeth. I leveled the pistol through the leaves, sighting directly at the outlaw's heart.

Chromatic Kalimbas 3/11/2009
John Ike Walton achieved legendary status as the original drummer for the 13th Floor Elevators, the seminal psychedelich rock and roll band of the 1960s (read article). But these days the Hill Country resident gets more excited talking about his Chromatic Kalimba.

Still on the 13th Floor 3/4/2009
Unless you were growing up in south Texas in the late 1960s, you might have missed the 13th Floor Elevators.

Auslander Redux 2/25/2009
The last time I checked in with Auslander owner Jeff Jeffers, he was gearing up for his first weeklong music festival. That was back in 2005. Next week will mark the 4th Annual Spring Festival, and the 7th total festival, as he added summer and winter versions of the popular "every night" concert concept.

Two Views 2/18/2009
If you have lived in Fredericksburg for any length of time since 1993, chances are good you have met Tani Guthrie and Dran Hamilton.

Classic Autumn 2/11/2009
As a very young child, Autumn Boukadakis begged her parents to let her take piano lessons. But rather than playing Brahms and Beethoven, Autumn was more influenced by the Dylan and Creedence tunes her dad played as she was growing up.

Earworms 2/4/2009
Seeking a good cause for a telethon? How about this: brain itch.

Sweethearts of the Radio 1/28/2009
They made a striking appearance 60 years ago in their white boots, denim skirts, fringed leather vests and red cowboy hats. And when the Crenwelge Sisters started to sing, hill country listeners leaned a little closer to their radios to better hear the sweet vocal harmonies.

Carin Treibs 1/21/2009
Last spring as I walked a few laps around the high school track at the Relay for Life, I heard a fantastic voice belting out a country song. As I ambled past the finish line, I craned my neck up to gal singing from the bleachers and asked, "Who are you?"

Kicks & Clicks 1/14/2009
Another day, another dance. This weekend for the first time, the Luckenbach dance hall will be alive with the sounds of clicks and clogs.

Wrangling Aggies 1/7/09
Back in high school, Derek Steinbring admits he "was a little bit scared" to ask a girl to dance. Now, as a member of the elite Aggie Wranglers dance group, Steinbring's challenge is to accommodate all the ladies who come up and ask to dance with him.