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Chanin Edge (left) and Sophia Lynne perform as Moonflower at Lincoln Street. The two singers lived a few houses apart and met through their children. Photo by Phil Houseal

Moonflower plays at Lincoln Street every third Saturday. For information:

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Moonflower in the Mist

by Phil Houseal
Feb 13, 2008

It was a dark and misty night.

As I sat in my car across the street from the funeral home, a disembodied singing rolled in through my lowered window along with the fog. It was an eerie, compelling tune, with penetrating lyrics.

"What's in your head? In your head?"

I had to find its source.

I followed the sound to two ladies who were harmonizing on the patio at Lincoln Street. Sophia Lynne and Chanin (pronounced "Shannon") Edge were performing as Moonflower.

The song turned out to be Zombie, a much-requested signature tune that shows off Sophia's voice and reveals a bit of her soul.

The harmonies of the two singers blend like those of sisters, yet the two were total strangers until less than a year ago. Turns out they lived down the street from each other.

One day their kids were playing, when one piped up and said, "My mom sings." The other said his mom sang, too. The moms got together and discovered they shared musical tastes and more.

"We both couldn't believe we were only a couple of doors down from each other," Chanin said.

The compassion in the voices overlays a string of tragedies that have laced Sophia's life. In less than a year, she lost her father, a sister, a grandmother, and a nephew, and was herself in a severe auto accident. Her therapy was always the music. She began teaching herself guitar to help her recover from her accident.

When you hear them, it is hard to believe they have harmonized for less than a year, and that Sophia has only been playing guitar a short time. When harmony is done right, the sum of the sound transcends the individual voices. They are adding fans weekly, and those fans are asking for more. So the girls are starting on a new CD project with four current originals: Soft Place to Fall, Lose Control, It's Time, and Need Your Company.

Artists they enjoying covering include Little Big Town, Faith Hill, Tanya Tucker, the Judds, Janis Joplin, Fleetwood Mac, Colbie Calait, Sheryl Crow, and The Cranberries.

The Cranberries provided the song Zombie for Sophia, who describes her version as "a fluke."

"The band I had been in previously did an acoustic version which everyone loved," she said. "A little girl came up and asked me to sing it but our new group didn't know it. I couldn't say no, and by the end of the show I had done the song a cappella four times. I seriously tried to stop singing it for a while but it has followed me all over the U.S."

When you follow it, it just might lead you to Moonflower.