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Phil Houseal
2466 Center Point Rd
Fredericksburg TX 78624
Email: phil@ fullhouseproductions.net

"There is absolutely no doubt your publicity got us in front of new markets and new people. You hit every target."

"In the 12 years I've been associated with this event, I've never seen so many new faces attend. That was all due to your efforts."

"We always see a real bump in ticket sales when your articles come out. Thanks!"

"I just wanted to thank you for all your work on our publicity. You make us look good and it's been a real pleasure working with you!"

"You are the best, Phil. I can't thank you enough for all you do for me. You really give me a breather, but even better, you make me feel comfortable knowing that, as a features editor, I'm still giving readers the very best story they could read in the section."

"You make me look good!"

"We have filled more seats this season and it's due to your work on our publicity!"

"Honestly, I don't know how we could have handled publicity this summer without your help!"

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NOTE: This site is no longer current effective Jan 1, 2017. Please go to www.fullhousepr.com.

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No Mercy For Betty

This Texas tale is drawn from the real life upbringing of Bessie Phillips, who wrote this impressively sophisticated debut novel in the 1950s, having raised four children and dealt with many of the travails outlined in the story. While she lived to age 89, Bessie never saw her book published. Now available to the public for the very first time, No Mercy is a fascinating glimpse into the life of a one-of-a-kind character–part fiction, part autobiography, part romance, part historical novel, but all as real as life along the Texas frontier.

finding fbg

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Finding Fredericksburg: Self-guided tour of historic Fredericksburg TX

100 color photos of distinctive historic homes and buildings, with a 1-page description of why they are important, plus interesting trivia about this famous Hill Country town.

Full House book

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Playing to a Full House: The People Who Make the Music of the Texas Hill Country

60 profiles of the famous (Ray Price, Larry Gatlin, Michael Martin Murphey), Texas famous (Erik Hokannen, Ponty Bone, Jim Cullum, Stephanie Urbina Jones), and the Never Will Be Famous.

Children's Books

Sam Has Ants

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Sam Has Ants

Sam has a problem... too many ants! How can he get rid of them? The answers will delight and surprise youngsters ages 3 to 7. Colorful and imaginative illustrations by a teen artist highlight this story, with a surprise ending that will entertain adults as well as kids.


Sam Finds A Fish

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Sam Finds A Fish

Sam wants to find a fish. But not just any fish. He needs a special fish! Find out what Sam does...

Dick Culbertson

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An Interrupted Conversation:
100 Bits of Advice from a Dear Friend

What if someone you admired could leave you with 100 pieces of their best advice?
That is what the author asked his friend Dick to do. To his surprise, Dick respondedwith pages of homespun wisdom. An unexpected twist will make this book intensely personal to everyone who picks it up.